Brendan Hutt

Brendan Hutt is a Chicago actor bred, born, raised, and trained. He started modeling as an infant, joined SAG-AFTRA in 1984, and began his theatrical career in 1988. In his youth he worked with a variety of companies such as the Wagon Wheel Playhouse, Candlelight Dinner Theatre, the Marriott Lincolnshire, Drury Lane Oak Brook, Chicago Shakes, and Next Theatre. Brendan made his post-pandemic stage return as Pericles in Idle Muse’s Upon This Shore. He has worked with Babes With Blades Theatre Company, Midsommer Flight, and four other productions with Idle Muse Theatre Company. His first show with Promethean was 2013’s Caucasian Chalk Circle and he has been a very proud ensemble member ever since. He’s appeared with Promethean in over a dozen productions and projects and served as violence designer six times. For a complete list of his credits and more information you can visit his website