Caucasian Chalk Circle


January 11 – February 9, 2013
Thurs – Sat at 8, Sun at 3pm
Additional performance Tuesday, January 15 at 7pm
City Lit Theater
1020 W. Bryn Mawr

By Bertolt Brecht

When a servant girl becomes the less-than-willing guardian to the infant of her wealthy mistress during a revolution, great consequences hang upon her smallest choices. Bertolt Brecht spun a tale of a long-ago and faraway land where the Haves lorded it over the Have-nots, and justice seemed reserved only for the rich. It’s funny how little things have changed in the here and now.

Promethean will bridge the gap between an old tale and the modern world using music, movement, and the Story Theatre aesthetic that has its birthplace in Chicago.

Rousing and relevant

Suzanne Scanlon

TimeOut Chicago

A visual and auditory delight!…High energy fun.

Lazlo Collins

Chicago Theatre Review

The Caucasian Chalk Circle has all the elements of first-class fairy tale: a young woman at odds with society, a voyage that’s often fraught, sneaky political commentary and some bathroom humor thrown in for good measure. The production is not only my first experience with Promethean Theatre Ensemble, but also my first review of 2013. If Circle is any indication, I am going to have a good year indeed.

Lauren Whalen

Chicago Theater Beat

Crafty, insightful and occasionally heartbreaking.

Justin Hayford

Chicago Reader

CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE is melodious buffoonery.  When the chalk dust settles, it leaves behind lessons to live by.

Katy Walsh

The Fourth Walsh

Funny and moving in equal measure, as expertly performed by a company of 15 actors.

Kelly Kleiman

Dueling Critics

Production Staff

Director: Ed Rutherford**
Assistant Director: Jeremy Garrett
Composer/Music Director: Matt Kahler
Stage Manager: Nathaniel Nesheim-Case
Set Designer:  Joe Dybdal
Lighting Designer: Liz Cooper
Costume Designer: Emma Cullimore
Props Designer: Jeremiah Barr
Sound Designer: Daniel Carlyon
Production Manager: John Arthur Lewis
Photography: Tom McGrath

*Indicates PTE Ensemble Member

**Indicates PTE Artistic Associate


Grusha: Sara Gorsky*
Lead Singer: Cary Davenport

Susan Adler
Nicole Hand
Brendan Hutt
Addison Heimann
Anne Korajczyk
Teddy Lance
Natalie June
Aaron Lawson
Alex Mauney
Elissa Newcorn
Josh Nordmark
Jennifer Roehm
Kate Suffern
Tommy Venuti

*Indicates PTE Ensemble Member

**Indicates PTE Artistic Associate