We’re missing the traditional start of the fall theatre season, sure. It’s a heartache. But we’re thrilled to be part of the League of Chicago Theatre initiative to make sure the spirit of Chicago theatre lives on. Today’s task is fun!

So, what’s your favorite social media? Go there and post a photo of your last Chicago theatre experience. Bonus points if it was a Promethean experience.

Or, if you want, post a photo of yourself in your Chicago Acts Together tee-shirt. (Yeah, we know, your hair is a disaster. Don’t worry about it, ours is too.) Whatever you post, include the hashtag #ChicagoActsTogether.

We’ll be looking for you because, wow, we wanna SEE you! Camaraderie and combined memories will power us all through the last few months of 2020.

We are Chicago theatre, and we will be back.