Performances of Blue Stockings have begun. Yay! We’re trying something new this season by offering show Appreciation Guides to anyone who wants them. Because, as we like to say, it’s not enough to be entertained. So we’re giving you a little context. And thanks to the “Stuff to Think and Talk About” section of the guide, you and your friends will be prepared for some amazing post-show convos. Visit the Blue Stockings production web page to download the Appreciation Guide, reserve tickets, check out the creatives, see the cast’s smiling faces, and figure out parking at The Den. You know how websites work. You can access tons of info just by clicking.

And so you don’t miss it, be sure to mark your calendar for this Chicago premiere of Jessica Swale’s moving, comical, and eye-opening script. Come along and meet the first female students to fight for women’s right to graduate from Cambridge University in 1896. We’ve brought together some top-notch talent to tell this inspiring and relevant story of society’s discomfort with female intellect. You only have until October 13th so get those tickets soon.