What. A. Year.

As we bid a fond Good Riddance to 2020, we thought it would be a good time to engage in some old-fashioned, friendly competition with a Virtual Trivia Night!

Your favorite fire bringers (and a few special guests!) invite you to join us for an evening of facts and frivolity. Come for the cocktails, stay for the trivial tidbits.

In addition to trivia, we will also be celebrating Promethean’s 15th birthday with an ice cream sundae consumed by our own Jared Dennis! Here’s the catch: you get to pick the toppings! Attendees will have the option to contribute small donations to add increasingly unique and occasionally gross toppings to Jared’s just desserts. Toppings range from coconut and raisins to tuna fish and Malort. We are eager to see what we end up with.

Most of all, we are eager to connect with you again; we’re hoping to make this a regular virtual event, and we’d love to try this as a way to interact until we can see you all in person!

Please let us know you’re coming. CLICK HERE to sign up, fill out the contact form, and you’re in. Easy, right? It looks like a Zoom meeting but it’s not; it’s a party. Bring your friends!