"Promethean Theatre Ensemble has put on a really interesting 2011-2012 season. Their choices are gutsy, complicated, and outside of the usual black box theater mold. Check them out – you won’t be disappointed!"
9/23/2014 12:00 AM
Announcing the Cast and Staff of Tiger at the Gates
PTE is excited to announce the team for Tiger at the Gates, opening March 28th at the Athenaeum Theatre.

Andromache—Heather Smith*
Cassandra—Jamie Bragg
Hector—Jared Dennis*
Paris—Nick Savin
Priam—Jerry Bloom
Hecuba—Elaine Carlson*
Demekos—Brendan Hutt*
Mathematician—Brian J. Hurst
Helen—Michelle M. Oliver
Troilus—Spenser Davis
Polyxene—Avery Moss
Ajax—Christopher Marcum
Ulysses—David Meldman

Stage Manager—Alexa Berkowitz*
Set Co-Designer, Technical Director, Props, Production Manager—Jeremiah Barr*
Set Co-Designer—Kaitlyn Grissom
Lighting Designer—Liz Sutherland
Costume Designer—Rachel Sypniewski
Composer, Sound Designer—Ben Sutherland
Fight Choreographer—Johnny Moran
Director—John Arthur Lewis*

*denotes Promethean Theatre Ensemble member
8/24/2014 12:00 AM
Meet the Cast and Staff of The Winter's Tale
Promethean is thrilled to announce the cast and staff of this fall's production of The Winter's Tale.  We are excited to work with so many talented artists.

John Arthur Lewis*: Leontes
Cameron Feagin: Hermione
Jared Dennis*: Polixenes
Megan DeLay: Paulina
Nick Lake*: Camillo/3rd Gentleman
Paige Reilly: Perdita
Dave Skvarla: Autolycus/Gaoler/Mariner
John Walski: Shepherd/Lord/Archidamus
Brendan Hutt*: Antigonus/1st Gentleman
Brian Hurst: Clown/Cleomenes
Peter Ash:  Florizel/Officer
Nicole Hand*: Emilia/1st Lady/Servant 
Diana Coates: Dorcas/Time/Dion/2nd Lady
Janeane Bowlware: Mopsa/Mamillius/2nd Gentleman/Bear

Director: Brian Pastor*
Stage Manager: Nathaniel Nesheim-Case
Assistant Director: Tom Murphy
Text Coach: Cate Gillespie*
Choreographer: Alexa Berkowitz*
Lighting Designer: Liz Cooper
Costume Designer: Beth Laske-Miller
Set Designer: Dustin Pettegrew
Sound Designer/Composer: Ben Sutherland
Props Designer: Jeremiah Barr

*Denotes Promethean Theatre Ensemble Member
6/9/2014 12:00 AM
Announcing Promethean's 9th Season!
Read about our exciting next season here