Meet the Marisol team

The cast and crew of Marisol are hard at work, ready to open on October 28th!



Rosie Ramos



Jazzma Pryor


Mike Cherry


Megan DeLay*


Jamie Bragg*
Lady in Furs


Production Staff

Director: Juan Castañeda

Assistant Director: Danielle Malenock

Stage Manager: Hazel Marie Flowers-McCabe

Scenic Design: Jeremiah Barr*

Costume Design: Uriel Gomez

Lighting Design: Liz Cooper

Sound Design: Sarah Espinoza

Props Design: Arielle Valene

Violence Design: Brendan Hutt*

Production Manager: Conor Clark

*denotes Promethean ensemble member

Marisol runs October 20 – November 26, 2017 at the West Theatre at the Raven Theatre Complex.

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Meet the cast and crew of The Liar

We are so pleased to announce the cast and production staff of The Liar, the final show of our 11th season.



Josh Hambrock


Brendan Hutt*


Megan DeLay**


Michael Hagedorn
Kat Bramley
Understudy – Lucrece


Meghann Tabor*


Katherine Schwartz


Shane Roberie



Joshua Servantez
Jared Dennis*
Understudy – Dorante

Production Staff

Director: Ed Rutherford**
Stage Manager: Alexa Berkowitz*
Lighting Designer: Eric Vigo
Set and Props Designer: Jeremy Hollis
Costume Designer: Gary Nocco
Sound Designer: Ben Sutherland
Violence Designer: Brendan Hutt*

*Indicates PTE Ensemble Member

**Indicates PTE Artistic Associate

The Liar runs April 21 – May 27 at the Athenaeum Theatre Studio 2.

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Announcing the Eurydice cast and production staff



Janeane Bowlware*


Sandy Elias


Jordan Golding


Jared Dennis*
Nasty/Interesting Man



Susie Griffith
Big Stone


Meghann Tabor*
Little Stone


Brendan Hutt*
Loud Stone

Production Staff:

Director: Nicole Hand*

Stage Manager: Alexa Berkowitz*

Set Designer/Technical Director: Jeremiah Barr*

Lighting Designer: Jess Fialko

Costume Designer: Gary Nocco

Props Designer: Arielle Valene

Sound Designer: Eric Backus

*Indicates PTE Ensemble Member

**Indicates PTE Artistic Associate

Make sure to catch Sarah Ruhl’s poignant play, running January through February, 2017 at the Athenaeum Studio 1.

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Promethean appearing at the Chicago Fringe Festival

Promethean is excited to make our first appearance at the Chicago Fringe Festival this summer!  We’ve taken our first Promethean Spark project, “An Evening of Myths and Fables”, made a few tweaks and are presenting it at the festival as Myths Untold.

Myths Untold is a collection of three ancient myths derived from the legends of ancient Greece, Scandinavia, and Indigenous Pacific Northwestern cultures.  Each piece is a modern reexamination of these tales intended to connect contemporary audiences with voices from the distant past and an invitation to apply twenty-first century sensibilities to stories that reach deep into human prehistory.

Check us out at the festival at the Jefferson Playhouse located at 4766 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60630.  Show dates are:

  • Friday 9/2 @ 8:30 pm
  • Sunday 9/4 @ 7:00 pm
  • Thursday 9/8 @ 8:30 pm
  • Saturday 9/10 @ 7:00 pm
  • Sunday 9/11 @ 5:30 pm

TICKETS are $10 with a one-time $5 button purchase.

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

Announcing Promethean’s 11th Season

Our 11th season focuses around timeless voices, resurrecting characters’ stories through our modern perspectives.

Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde by Moisés Kaufman
directed by Artistic Director Brian Pastor
Dec 9 – 18, 2016
City Lit Theater

Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl
directed by Ensemble Member Nicole Hand
Jan 6 – Feb 11, 2017
Athenaeum Studio 1

The Liar by David Ives
directed by Artistic Associate Ed Rutherford
April 21 – May 27, 2017
Athenaeum Studio 2

Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde takes a modern look at the life of a 19th century literary figure who was silenced and shunned during his lifetime and met a tragic end. The play uses documents of the past to uncover the story and bring him and his contemporaries to life.
Eurydice, a modern re-imagining of Greek myth, gives a voice to a character who is typically a device in a male-centered story. She uses her love of words to communicate her experience, even though the forces of life and death wish to silence her.
The Liar is driven by the character of Dorante, is constantly reinventing his life and telling wild, compelling stories. This play takes the classic French farce and revives it with fresh, modern language that pulls conventions and linguistic stylings from the past while creating a dynamic new rendition of the story.

We look forward to sharing these stories with you!

Announcing Our TENTH Season!

We are THRILLED to announce our 2015 – 2016 Season, in which we will celebrate our tenth birthday!  Next season we will explore the meaning of family and the importance of personal legacy.


by Polly Teale
directed by Jaclynn Jutting

“To be forever known.”

Friday, January 8, 2016 – Sunday, February 7, 2016

Athenaeum Studio 1


The Lion in Winter

by James Goldman
directed by Artistic Director Brian Pastor

“What I have architected, you will not destroy.”

Friday, April 15, 2016 – Saturday, May 21, 2016

Athenaeum Studio 2

Behind the Twisted Love: The Making of Evening of Shakespeare

A Peek Behind the Scenes

The Evening of Shakespeare series has been a part of Promethean’s history since the very beginning – in fact, it was the very first performance after the company’s founding in October 2005.

Since that first performance at City Lit Theater, EoS has had many homes, including Kate the Great’s bookstore, which used to have it’s home on Broadway at Bryn Mawr, Let them Eat Chocolate in Andersonville, and for the past few years at the Red Lion Lincoln Square, one of our favorite haunts.

The course of true love never did run smooth

This year’s theme, “Lonely Hearts and Twisted Love”, plays off our pre-Valentine show dates, but we wanted to showcase more than Romeo and Juliet (in fact, that play isn’t even on our set list!).  The spectrum of Shakespeare’s love stories is vast – from puppy-like infatuation to power-hungry persuasion – and director Nicole Hand curated an evening that includes touchpoints all along that spectrum.

One of the best parts of the performances for the actors is truly being able to play off of each audience.  With the complete absence of the fourth wall and an occasional dinner order walking by, cast members are able to engage the audience more deeply than almost any other venue.

We hope you’ll join us for our annual play date.  Come have a pint and some poetry for your pre-Valentine celebration!


 Wednesday, Feb 11 and Thursday, Feb 12, 7pm and 9pm


Announcing the Cast and Staff of Tiger at the Gates

We’re excited to announce the team for Tiger at the Gates, opening March 28th at the Athenaeum Theatre.


Andromache—Heather Smith*
Cassandra—Jamie Bragg
Hector—Jared Dennis*
Paris—Nick Savin
Priam—Jerry Bloom
Hecuba—Elaine Carlson*
Demekos—Brendan Hutt*
Mathematician—Brian J. Hurst
Helen—Michelle M. Oliver
Troilus—Spenser Davis
Polyxene—Avery Moss
Ajax—Christopher Marcum
Ulysses—David Meldman


Stage Manager—Alexa Berkowitz*
Set Co-Designer, Technical Director, Props, Production Manager—Jeremiah Barr*
Set Co-Designer—Kaitlyn Grissom
Lighting Designer—Liz Sutherland
Costume Designer—Rachel Sypniewski
Composer, Sound Designer—Ben Sutherland
Fight Choreographer—Johnny Moran
Director—John Arthur Lewis*

*denotes Promethean Theatre Ensemble member