PTE announces our incredible 12th Season

“2016 saw a landmark election that exposed deep divides within our country, and promised a shifting socioeconomic and political landscape.  This led us to choose plays that are examples of how to respond, through the art of storytelling, to a changing political environment.”

-Brian Pastor, Artistic Director

The plays in our 12th Season will encompass themes of social commentary and satire, with parallels to our current climate, told through fantasy and absurdism.

Without further ado:

Marisol, by José Rivera

Originally produced by the Public Theatre in New York City, in a staging directed by Michael Greif (Rent, Grey Gardens) that won the 1993 Obie award for playwriting – Marisol depicts the story of the titular character, a copy editor for a Manhattan publisher. Though she is a white-collar worker, she still chooses to live alone in the tough section of the Bronx where she grew up. The play opens with Marisol barely escaping a vicious attack on her subway trip back to the Bronx. Later that evening, Marisol’s guardian angel pays a visit to tell her she can no longer serve as Marisol’s protector because she has been called to join the revolution already in progress against an old and senile God who is dying and “taking the rest of the universe with him.” Soon, Marisol is caught up in the Armageddon being fought on the streets of New York City.


Juan Castaneda

Director Juan Castaneda says, “No two people ever give the same answer to what Marisol is about. Is it about religion, or politics, race relations, the environment, gender equality, inner city violence, economics, poverty, or any other world issue you can think of?  Our mission with this production is to figure out how to respond yes to all of those themes.  Then we must help audiences realize that all of the issues surrounding these topics are interconnected.  They are all one issue the same way we as people are part of one Earth.  Finally, we must inspire audiences to realize that unity is the only way to combat these issues.”

JOSÉ RIVERA is the Obie Award winning author of Marisol, Cloud Tectonics, References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, and Boleros for the Disenchanted, among many others. His screenplay for The Motorcycle Diaries received an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. More recently, he wrote the screenplays for Letters to Juliet, On the Road and The 33.

The Madwoman of Chaillot, by Jean Giraudoux

The Madwoman of Chaillot reveals a plot by a group of corrupt business executives who are planning to dig up the streets of Paris so they can pump oil that they believe lies beneath. Their plot is challenged by the titular “Madwoman,” the eccentric Countess Aurelia, an idealist who resolves to fight back and rescue humanity from the scheming and corrupt developers with the help of her fellow outcasts and her fellow madwomen. Originally written to protest thoughtless urban renewal, The Madwoman of Chaillot has remained remarkably up-to-date. Today, the play speaks to environmental concerns, the destruction of the natural world, and the manipulation of world financial markets.


John Arthur Lewis

Director John Arthur Lewis, who also staged Promethean’s productions of Anouilh’s The Lark and Giraudoux’s Tiger at the Gates, says “The play is surprisingly modern and accessible. In my head, it sounds like Aaron Sorkin at his funniest, Monty Python, or the craziest episodes of M*A*S*H. But there’s a lot of value in this play beyond the comedy.I think it can be something unique, powerful, and profound.”

JEAN GIRAUDOUX began his theatrical career in 1928 with Siegfried, a dramatization of his own novel. He most commonly sought inspiration in classical or biblical tradition as in Électre and Cantique des cantiques. He adapted Margaret Kennedy’s novel The Constant Nymph in Tessa, la nymphe au coeur fidèle and La Motte-Fouqué’s fairy tale of a water sprite who loves a mortal man as Ondine. Among Giraudoux’s other important works is La Guerre de Troie n’aura pas lieu (The Trojan War Will Not Take Place) adapted in English by Christopher Fry as Tiger at the Gates (staged by Promethean in 2015).


BLISS (or Emily Post is Dead!), by Jami Brandli

A Joint World Premiere with Moving Arts at Atwater Village Theatre in Los Angeles and in Association with Moxie Theatre in San Diego

It’s 1960 in North Orange, NJ. Clytemnestra and Medea are now housewives with a pill addiction, and Antigone is the teenage girl next door who is in love with a black boy. On the surface, they’re seemingly blissful to follow the “rules” of Emily Post, the American author famous for writing on etiquette. But that’s just the surface. Then Cassandra, a black working girl, moves into their neighborhood and all routines are interrupted. Cassandra is determined to finally break the curse of Apollo, the gorgeous and egotistical god who gave her this “gift” of prophecy but made it so no one would ever believe her. He makes it clear his curse is practically indestructible: yet all she must do is convince someone to believe her. Can Cassandra convince them they now have a choice in this modern era? That they don’t have to live a doomed existence? Can all four women escape their ongoing fate?


Erica Vannon

Director Erica Vannon says of BLISS, “I find the clever entanglement of the stories of Clytemnestra, Medea, Antigone, and Cassandra set in a not too distant past where etiquette, secrets, and social norms rule the women’s lives rival the high stakes of the original stories. In fact, I see the storytelling simultaneously parallel the past, the past-past, and the very present through a 1960’s New Jersey setting to ancient Greece and into the inequality and intolerance that grips us here in 2017. The story’s emphasis on a woman’s choice to change the narrative and the undercurrents of objectification, violence, racism, sexism, as well as the “ancient rage” of women is relevant today, now, and always.”



Jami Brandli

Jami Brandli

JAMI BRANDLI’s plays include Technicolor Life, S.O.E., M-Theory, ¡SOLDADERA!, Sisters Three, A Merry Little Christmas and BLISS (or Emily Post is Dead!) which was named in The Kilroys Top 46 List in 2014. Her work has been produced/developed at New Dramatists, WordBRIDGE, The Lark, New York Theatre Workshop, Great Plains Theatre Conference, Launch Pad, The Antaeus Company, Chalk REP, The Road, among other venues. Winner of John Gassner Memorial Playwriting Award, Holland New Voices Award and Aurora Theatre Company’s GAP Prize.  Technicolor Life premiered at REP Stage as part of the 2015 Women’s Voices Theater Festival.  BLISS (or Emily Post is Dead!) will receive a joint world premiere with Moving Arts, Moxie Theatre and Promethean Theatre starting this fall, 2017.   She’s been a finalist for the 2016 PEN Literary Award for Drama, Playwrights’ Center Core Writer Fellowship, Princess Grace Award, O’Neill National Playwrights Conference and the Disney ABC TV Fellowship and was also nominated for the Susan Smith Blackburn Award.  Her short works are published with TCG and Smith & Kraus. A proud member of the Playwrights Union, the Antaeus Playwrights Lab, and The Dramatist Guild, Jami teaches dramatic writing at Lesley University’s low-residency MFA program. She is represented by the Robert A Freedman Agency and Gramercy Park Entertainment. 

Additional details:

by José Rivera
directed by Juan Castaneda
Raven Theatre West Stage
6157 N. Clark St., Chicago
October 20-November 26, 2017
Performances Thursdays-Saturdays at 8 pm, Sundays at 3:30 pm
Previews Friday, October 20 – Friday, October 27
Press opening Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 8 pm
Regular run October 29 through November 26
No show on Thanksgiving
Tickets: General $25.00, Seniors (65+) $20.00, Students/Children $15.00

The Madwoman of Chaillot
by Jean Giraudoux
directed by Artistic Associate John Arthur Lewis
Athenaeum Studio 1
2936 N. Southport Ave., Chicago
February 9-March 17, 2018
Performances Thursdays-Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Sundays at 2 pm
Previews Friday, February 9 – Friday, February 16
Press opening Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 7:30 pm
Regular run February 18 through March 17, 2018
Tickets: General $27.00, Seniors (65+) $22.00, Students/Children $17.00
Available at or by phone at 773-935-6875.
More information at

Bliss (or Emily Post Is Dead!)
by Jami Brandli
directed by Erica Vannon
Athenaeum Studio 1
2936 N. Southport Ave., Chicago
July 20-August 25, 2018
Performances Thursdays-Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Sundays at 2 pm
Previews Friday, July 20 – Friday, July 27
Press opening Saturday, July 28 at 7:30 pm
Regular run July 29 through August 25, 2018
Tickets: General $27.00, Seniors (65+) $22.00, Students/Children $17.00
Available at or by phone at 773-935-6875.
More information at

Announcing Promethean’s new Executive Director

You may have seen her face at our shows.  You may have worked with her before.  You may know that she’s our resident stage manager and business manager and all-around badass…

But now, Alexa Berkowitz is Promethean’s Executive Director too!!!

Lexi has been an ensemble member with Promethean since 2013.  She’s stage managed countless shows with us, which means she often acts as house manager, actor wrangler, director wrangler, light hanger, scenic painter…the list goes on and on.  However, her love of spreadsheets and organized inboxes have contributed to her success as our business manager behind the scenes as well.

Please join us in congratulating Lexi on her new role!

Meet the cast and crew of The Liar

We are so pleased to announce the cast and production staff of The Liar, the final show of our 11th season.



Josh Hambrock


Brendan Hutt*


Megan DeLay**


Michael Hagedorn
Kat Bramley
Understudy – Lucrece


Meghann Tabor*


Katherine Schwartz


Shane Roberie



Joshua Servantez
Jared Dennis*
Understudy – Dorante

Production Staff

Director: Ed Rutherford**
Stage Manager: Alexa Berkowitz*
Lighting Designer: Eric Vigo
Set and Props Designer: Jeremy Hollis
Costume Designer: Gary Nocco
Sound Designer: Ben Sutherland
Violence Designer: Brendan Hutt*

*Indicates PTE Ensemble Member

**Indicates PTE Artistic Associate

The Liar runs April 21 – May 27 at the Athenaeum Theatre Studio 2.

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Announcing the Eurydice cast and production staff



Janeane Bowlware*


Sandy Elias


Jordan Golding


Jared Dennis*
Nasty/Interesting Man



Susie Griffith
Big Stone


Meghann Tabor*
Little Stone


Brendan Hutt*
Loud Stone

Production Staff:

Director: Nicole Hand*

Stage Manager: Alexa Berkowitz*

Set Designer/Technical Director: Jeremiah Barr*

Lighting Designer: Jess Fialko

Costume Designer: Gary Nocco

Props Designer: Arielle Valene

Sound Designer: Eric Backus

*Indicates PTE Ensemble Member

**Indicates PTE Artistic Associate

Make sure to catch Sarah Ruhl’s poignant play, running January through February, 2017 at the Athenaeum Studio 1.

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Meet the team behind Gross Indecency

Promethean welcomes the entire cast and production staff of Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde, this season’s Promethean Spark production.



Jamie Bragg**
Oscar Wilde


Heather Smith*
Lord Alfred Douglas


Kevin Sheehan
Sir Edward Clark & Others


Jennifer Mickelson
Narrator, Atkins, Wright & Others


Steve Lords
Narrator, George Bernard Shaw, Moises Kaufman & Others


Cameron Feagin**
Edward Carson & Narrator


Ross Frawley
Queensberry, Gill, Lockwood & Narrator


Kraig Kelsey
Narrator, Mavor, Marvin Taylor & Others


Kat Evans
Narrator, Parker, Harris & Others

Production Staff:

Director: Brian Pastor*

Assistant Director: Tom Murphy*

Stage Manager: Lindsey Miller

Set/Props Designer: Jeremiah Barr*

Lighting Designer: Liz Sutherland

Costume Designer: Uriel Gomez

Composer: Matthew Bivins

Dialect Coach: Catherine Gillespie**

Movement Coordinator: Lyndsay Kane

Casting Associate: Charlie Hano

*Indicates PTE Ensemble Member

**Indicates PTE Artistic Associate


A note from Brian Pastor:

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
-Oscar Wilde


It’s been over 120 years since the Marquess of Queensberry left a card at Oscar Wilde’s club bearing the phrase “posing somdomite,” but the trials that ensued have left lasting marks across our history and culture. Moises Kaufmann’s 1997 play chronicled these trials and their aftermath, addressing how the leading literary figure of his time became a pariah because of his acts of ‘gross indecency with male persons.’ Today, I think, the play carries broader significance than it did when it premiered nearly 20 years ago. It is still, and always will be, a play for the LBGTQ community: an examination of an early gay icon. But, in a world that seems to care more than ever about which bathroom you can use or who has control over whose body, I think this is a story for everyone. At its core, this is a play about being one’s self; and, frankly, about whether or not the government, society, or anyone else has the right to tell us if that’s okay. When push came to shove, despite unspeakable consequences, Oscar took his own advice: just be yourself.

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Driehaus Foundation awards Promethean 2-year grant

Promethean was recently awarded a 2-year, $10,000 grant from The MacArthur Funds for Arts and Culture at The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation.

The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation has been a valuable resource and guide for many years, and certainly since awarding Promethean its first grant in 2012.  We are so thankful for the support, both financially and professionally, that the Driehaus Foundation has given us throughout our relationship.

Read more about the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation here.

Announcing Promethean’s 11th Season

Our 11th season focuses around timeless voices, resurrecting characters’ stories through our modern perspectives.

Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde by Moisés Kaufman
directed by Artistic Director Brian Pastor
Dec 9 – 18, 2016
City Lit Theater

Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl
directed by Ensemble Member Nicole Hand
Jan 6 – Feb 11, 2017
Athenaeum Studio 1

The Liar by David Ives
directed by Artistic Associate Ed Rutherford
April 21 – May 27, 2017
Athenaeum Studio 2

Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde takes a modern look at the life of a 19th century literary figure who was silenced and shunned during his lifetime and met a tragic end. The play uses documents of the past to uncover the story and bring him and his contemporaries to life.
Eurydice, a modern re-imagining of Greek myth, gives a voice to a character who is typically a device in a male-centered story. She uses her love of words to communicate her experience, even though the forces of life and death wish to silence her.
The Liar is driven by the character of Dorante, is constantly reinventing his life and telling wild, compelling stories. This play takes the classic French farce and revives it with fresh, modern language that pulls conventions and linguistic stylings from the past while creating a dynamic new rendition of the story.

We look forward to sharing these stories with you!

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Promethean receives 2 BroadwayWorld nominations!

A huge congratulations to our Artistic Director, Brian Pastor, on his nomination for Best Direction of a Play (Resident NonEquity) for The Winter’s Tale; and to Rachel Sypniewski for her beautiful costume design (Best Costume Design – Resident Non­Equity) on Tiger at the Gates!

Please head over to the BWW website and vote for our nominees today!


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Meet the cast of The Lion in Winter

Presenting the cast of the second production of our tenth season:


Elaine Carlson

Evan JohnsonPhilip

Evan Johnson

Tom MurphyJohn

Tom Murphy

Jared DennisRichard

Jared Dennis

Nick LakeGeoffrey

Nick Lake

Brian ParryHenry

Brian Parry

Heather SmithAlais

Heather Smith


Playing Friday, April 15, 2016 – Saturday, May 21, 2016
Athenaeum Theatre Studio 2

Check back for ticket information, coming soon!

Introducing the Bronte cast

Thank you to all those who submitted for our production of Polly Teale’s Bronte.  We had so many talented artists, and are grateful for your time.

We are proud to introduce the cast of the first show in our tenth season!



Janeane Bowlware
Anne Bronte

Ashley Fox Cathy/Bertha

Ashley Fox

Anne Korajczyk Emily Bronte

Anne Korajczyk
Emily Bronte

Jared Dennis Rochester/Bell Nichols

Jared Dennis
Rochester/Bell Nichols

Eleanor Katz Charlotte Bronte

Eleanor Katz
Charlotte Bronte

John Arthur Lewis Patrick/Heger

John Arthur Lewis

Ken Miller Branwell/Heathcliff/Huntington

Ken Miller


Friday, January 8, 2016 – Sunday, February 7, 2016

Athenaeum Studio 1

Check back this fall for behind-the-scenes updates!