Promethean Theatre Ensemble is a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit and all donations are tax deductible.

Help us continue to tell stories by becoming part of ours.

Since Promethean Theatre Ensemble’s inception, we have been extremely fortunate to have a strong network of loyal supporters and contributors. PTE’s donors allow us to continue our mission with the level of artistic integrity the first ensemble members envisioned since our founding. However, with such a high standard comes even higher ambition: to not only continue to present gripping stories with high production value, but also to expand our future seasons and continue to challenge ourselves artistically, we must build on our current resources.

Any level of sponsorship can help us on our journey. If you are interested in donating to Promethean Theatre Ensemble, whether on an individual or corporate level, donate using the link in the upper left-hand corner, or please contact our Development Coordinator, Anne.

Our Generous Donors

Torch Bearers ($1000+)

Robert and Mary Korajczyk, Jeff and Rowie Wolf

Storytellers ($200-$499)

Jeff Crocker, Bob and Barb Gorsky, George Jameson, Les and Michelin Lentino, Timothy and Elizabeth Rutherford

Collaborators ($100-$199)

William and Mary Breen, Stephen and Polly Dowton, Chris and Anne Lentino, James Lisak, Dr. Joan Mankowski, Mrs. Clifford Miller, Sarah Morrison, Dr. & Mrs. Fraser and Ellen Perkins, Mickey Perry, Ted and Valerie Rock, Marjorie Rutherford, Mrs. Priscilla Rutherford, Richard Rutherford, Ellen and Dave Tuchler, Mr. & Mrs. Jim and Linda Weber

Friends (up to $99)

Bob & Lezlie Allman, Leigh Barrett, Marjorie Boehmler, Sharon Cope, Mrs. Else-Britt DeLong, Kaylee Durow, John Fisher, Nicole Hand, Jessica Hoversen, Mike Kopera, Will McAuliffe, Tom & Emily Nicholas, Brian Pastor, Frank & Carol Pastor, Kenley Pelzer, Melissa Pugeda, Tyler Rich, Joshanna Robinson, Ellen Schank, Ronald and Laura Schneider, Harve & Celia Smith, Tracy Smith, Dr. Kay Stevenson, James Swindler, Erica Weiss, Nina Winn, Rachel Yeomans, Steven Yeomans